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Your mattress is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your home. This fact may sound like a stretch since you’re asleep for the majority of the time you spend on your bed, but, when you think about it, you spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress. For the average person sleeping the recommended 8 hours per day on a mattress she sleeps on over the course of 7 years, more than 2 years of this time is spent on the mattress.

With this in mind, selecting a quality mattress is particularly important. The way you feel when you wake up in the morning is directly connected to the quality of your sleep. If you toss and turn in the night, you’re likely not getting the deep REM sleep you need to wake up feeling recharged and refreshed to tackle a brand new day.


What are the contributing factors to finding a quality discount mattress in Broward County?

When searching for a quality discount mattress in Broward County, you need the right level of support

Support is less about firmness and more about how capable a mattress is at holding your body in proper alignment. Your shoulders and hips need to slightly weigh down their section of the mattress just enough to allow your spine to rest in a straight line. When a mattress is too firm or soft as a hammock, your body is squished into an uncomfortable upward curve.


Your mattress should actually be really comfortable

Hard mattresses can add pressure to your body. The prickly feeling you may experience is a symptom of too much pressure cutting circulation to a part of your body. Insufficient mattress comfort results in tossing and turning all night. A comfortable mattress provides the sensation of wanting to just melt into one position for several minutes without needing to readjust.


Other factors indicating you’ve found a quality discount mattress in Broward County

Support and comfort are the main criteria for finding a great mattress. If you want to really upgrade your sleep experience, consider the following:


Edge support: A strong edge is a wonderful mattress feature if you tend to sleep near the edge.


Motion transfer: A great mattress will give you less of a bumpy ride when your sleeping companion gets in and out of the bed.


Temperature neutrality: You want a mattress that doesn’t retain a lot of heat to disrupt your sleep with night sweats.



How to Shop the Best Discount Mattress in Broward County without breaking the bank

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We can help you get past the buzzwords and myths making picking the right mattress so confusing. We can show you why more coils does not mean you’re on a more comfortable mattress (not all coils are created equal and some are made of a thinner-gauge metal) and how gel layers in mattresses do not necessarily bring the cooling feature to your sleep you believe you’re paying for when under other layers of foam.

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